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Columbian Stove and Iron Works

The works of Smith and Wellstood, managed by George Ure. The Columbian Stove and Iron Works manufactured some of the most attractive and efficient stoves and ranges available during the period and found a name for themselves for the manufacture of ‘American Stoves’. They won several awareds and commendations from noteable people of the day owing to the efficency and easy operation fo their products. They also manufactured some very interesting specialist appliances like a versions of the ‘Hostess’ range that can be found in many Gypsy Wagons of the early 1900s.

I’m particulaly interested in items from this foundry and I always keep of stock of their appliances such as the Queenie stove, Dumpy stove, Hostess range,Dover range and Fairy range.

O.J.Osborne & Co will be manufacturing high quality replicas of the Hostess range later this year. If you are interested please do get in touch to reserve one of the first run of this fantastic range.

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