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Osborne Restoration is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of antique kitchen ranges and stoves.

Using traditional skills, tools and techniques, we are able to preserve these fascinating appliances for the benefit of future generations.  With our unique and extensive knowledge, we never compromise on the finish and historical accuracy of our restorations.

Osborne Restoration works all over the UK and abroad and can provide every service from initial consultation, through to the installation of the completed appliance.  We have a large stock of original ranges and stoves and house an ever-expanding pattern store from which we can provide excellent quality green sand grey iron castings, faithful to their original designs.

We are members of the NHIG and SPAB and are striving to introduce better knowledge and working practices into this interesting niche of heritage ironwork.

If you have a range or stove that requires attention, or are in need of the correct range for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.