Queene Anne Stove or Queenie spare parts

I often get asked about the Queen Anne Stove or ‘Queenie’ for short. It’s a really beautiful little stove that has a real following not only with the gypsy caravan folk. Smith and Wellstood, the original manufactuerers of the stove produced it from the late 19th century to the 1940s so there are still plenty of examples to unearth and restore.
One of the principle parts that goes missing is the decorative hot plate finial so I decided to have a batch cast. There is no modification required to your stove, the piece simply sits on top of the stove when the hot plates are not in use.
I have also had a batch of grates cast as these are commonly burnt out. It’s a very unsual shaped grate and so can be a pain to fabricate. These new ones are exactly the same dimensions as the old ones and simply slot in place fit for years more service!
All items are cast in the Uk from grey iron as they were all those years ago.

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