Historic fiddle rails for back cabin stoves

I am often asked to provide ‘Back cabin stoves’ for the historic narrow boats. These were commonly ‘marinised’ portable cooking ranges typically 20″-24″ in width depending on wether or not they were used in a ‘Butty’ or ‘Motor’ boat. Although the ranges of this size are very rare they do come up and I try to keep at least a couple in stock.
However the most prominent and unique feature to the ranges used in the back cabin was the highly polished brass fiddle rail and standards. Finding original sets is practically impossible and in fact very few actual exist even on original ranges.
I am pleased to say that I have produced a set of patterns for the rail and standards taken directly from an original set. These standards and rail will be cast in Somerset in brass to the exact design and dimensions as the original ones used on working boats throughout the Uk.
They will be available as part of my restorations only and not as a seperate set.
Below is a picture of an original set as reference.