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Queene Anne “Queenie” Stoves

Here are O.J.Osborne & Co we are often asked to restore the beuatiful little stove manufactured by Smith and Wellstood called the Queene Anne or ‘Queenie’ for short. It has it’s origins in the late 19th cnetury and remained in production up until the 1940s.
They were commonly used in Gypsy caravans but were also used in many other applications like offices, parlours, narrow boats, shownmans vans etc. They originally came in several sizes but the most common today is the no.7.
Many people struggle with the running of the stove as they are unaware how to operate them properly. The techniques of reliable combustion for antique stoves is simple but there is a nack to it.
If you have a Queenie in want to restoration then do get in touch.
We also provide spare parts for them such as the commonly ‘misplaced’ hot plate finial and new grates.
In the 80s it found a second lease of life when an English company decided to take up production again.