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Beetonette Portable range

The ‘Beetonette’ Portable range was manufactured by the mighty ‘Carron Company’ (1759-1982) from the late 19th Century to the mid 20th. Like many of their competition they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes from tiny 22″ oven only models up to rather grand 42″ vitreous enamelled oven and boiler ranges with hot closet and plate rack.

Carron Company were renowned for their high quality castings and so it follows that the Beetonette is of a high standard. The fact that so many still exist is testament to their build quality and functionality.

The later Beetonette models can be clearly identified by their ‘hollow’ hot plates that have a circular groove running around them for the hot plate tool rather than the notch that is usually present.

O.J.Osborne & Co manufacture many spare parts for these ranges and always keep unrestored examples in stock. Customers restorations are taken on and can be shipped anywhere in the Uk.