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The ‘Tortoise’ Stove

The ‘Tortoise’ stove had an enormous production life spanning over 100 years from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th.

They were first developed by Charles Portway in 1830 to heat his ironmongery business and over the next 50 years he sold 17,000 of them and they were still selling in the 1940s!

They were the first appliance to be use economy as their marketting statogy coining the term ‘slow but sure’. The stoves were designed to run on coke and many people remember them “glowing red” when in use back in the day.

The top and bottom of the stove was of cast iron construction whilst the body was of rolled sheet iron. Thick firebricks lined it internally to protect it from heat and also provide a large amount of thermal density ideal for radiating heat.

They came in a variety of sizes suitable for heating all sorts of spaces from boats and offices to workshops and stores.

O.J.Osborne & Co can provide spare parts for these stoves as well as a full restoration service including the firebrick lining.