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Coalbrookdale Company

The name Coalbrookdale is world famous as the birth place of the industrial revolution. It was here is 1709 that Abraham Darby first smelted iron with coke and so created the first truly industrialized industry that would kick start Britian’s path to the first industrial power house of the world.

The Coalbrookdale Company’s foundry at ythe original site of Coalbrookdale operated from 1708 until 2017 when it was sadly sold off as part of a take over bid for AGA/ Rayburn that had been manufactured on the site since the 1940s. The site is scheduled for development and with it the bell tolls for the most important site in the world for the British iron industry and the history of all world industry.

Coalbrookdale manufactured a huge variety of products over the 300+ years they were in operation from the iron plate used for the SS Great Britain to the iron of the worlds first iron bridge of 1779 that still elegantly spans the Severn.